Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ferry Crossing at Rachol

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augusto pinto said...

Noel, a friend of mine from Bombay and I once decided to do a 'ferry tour'. From Moira we rode on my Enfield Thunderbird to Pomburpa, where we took the ferry to Chorao. Then rode to the other end of Chorao, where the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is, and crossed over to Ribandar. We didn't get the connection quickly so that meant gossiping with this one and that, and gawking at the babes and babas who were waiting for the ferry. Then we went to Old Goa where we had a bhaji,and then took the ferry to Divar. After meandering around the village we went to the end of Divar to take the ferry to Narvem. The ferry was on the other side, so we sat in a little tavern and spiritualised. When the ferry came and we had crossed over we went to see the Saptakoteshwar temple and after that the Narvem springs, where we had a refreshing bath. Then we began riding again and after we found a watering hole on the way which served lunch we went to Mayem lake, after which we turned towards Corjuem and took the last ferry after which we headed home. Your pictures reminded me of that trip. Cheers

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