Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Notes from the Windshield

Travelling around Goa is always fun, except for the traffic jams and dug up roads and loutish drivers and the...maybe it's not really so much fun! But there's always life throbbing around outside the car window. A Hare Krishna group wield their way through a street in Margao. There's a little boy sitting snugly inside the cart keeping the deity company.

A couple of tourists hitch a ride probably headed down south to Palolem.

The eternal wait at a manned railway crossing. The track passes through many villages in the coastal talukas. The young and restless among motorbike riders often lift the guard bar and scoot off before the train arrives.

This cyclist believes in carrying his music along with him. So what if he doesn't have a CD player. That will come later when he upgrades. The ladies behind are headed to the St.Augustine tower at Old Goa.

Any vehicle will do for a bunch of picnikers and this gang passing through Navelim has chartered a truck. It is not uncommon to see a pickup crammed with standing passengers headed for a mass or some event, bravely risking life and limb and the RTO inspectors. Just Blow Horn, OK.

A rickshaw driver pushes his crate as a crowd gathers to watch suspected jewellery robbers get nabbed in Margao.

A Boat, a Compactor and a Lady. May not work as a title for a film, but it will do for this picture. This busy road in Panjim runs alongside the Mandovi river with all its ferries and yachts and barges and canoes vying for waterway.

Somewhere behind all those bags and sacks is a determined rider. Helmet, what's that, he says, I have enough to cushion my fall.

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