Monday, June 9, 2008

Statue Quiz


Can you identify the locations of these statues and memorials? Clue: They are all in and around Panjim, our capital city.

Who is this lady who has been gazed upon by countless visitors, but has no name!


Who does this square cut face belong to? Some days you're the statue and other days you're the bird...


What rests atop this tall pedestal ? Does it represent a silver lining in the dark clouds of India's present and future?

. This block itself looks like some avante garde art, but it stands near a much larger and taller monument in the heart of Panjim.


Whose bust 'tis, that glimmers against yon blue skies and white clouds in the waters, 'pon granite stone?

A long hand of warning, leave Goa alone, she's in a class of her own!


One fist is clenched, for what we held in the other is gone...

Sail, sail sail your boat merrily down the stream, for when the barge and casino collide, we won't have time to scream!


I have not turned my back on you, my brothers and sisters. I'm just keeping a watch on the Mandovi...

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