Monday, February 4, 2008

Carnival in Margao

The Brazilian influence was more evident this year. But raw sensual samba may have been too much for Goa, so the dancers were not as wild as the RiodeJanueiristas.

Carnival in Goa is the best time for drag queens and brings out the more graceful side of Goan men!

Once upon a time Fiats and Ambassadors ruled the Goan roads. Now they are souped up for Carnival junk car rallys. You can get a Fiat for less than ten thousand rupees nowadays.

Thor joins Bacchus in these three days of merrymaking!

This gang of Joalharias had a good time. With large mock implements their float showed how traditional goldsmiths plied their trade.

The irrepressible Emiliano as a bootilicious pamprel!

The Budweiser babes get rocking! The world's favourite beer had the prettiest girls. Polka dots may just be the next hot thing.

An aspiring air-hostess plying her trolley. Her unshaven legs and wobbly bustline may have jeopardized her chances!

A bhatcar of yore enjoys a good feni. Have a great time, folks! Viva!



Loved the pix!
I've been to Goa twice, but never for Carnival.... Maybe one day.

(a genuine sample of Rio de Janeiro!)

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