Thursday, June 12, 2008

Io re io re pavsa!

The rains are here. The days of ragged raincoats, soggy socks and ubiquitous umbrellas are here.

A tiny red Ganapati sits snugly on the dashboard of a car, the Remover of Obstacles for the car on wet and slippery roads.

The parched earth drinks deeply of the monsoons. Last year we had a long monsoon, almost half the year. Good for the groundwater levels. What was that good old line...Io re io re pausa, paus zala motta, paisa zala khotta....

Some local boys have assembled a makeshift hangout with some culvert pipes. They call themselves Pirate's Boys. This cow and her calves bestow bovine blessings upon them for the shelter in the storm. Maybe there's some one-eyed buccaneers inside the pipes as well.



Joao Sebastiao Manuel Honorato Menezes said...


Spent a lot of time going through many of your posts. !!! Awesome stuff... finally a few pictures of Goa that are REAL and beautiful. I've had enough of the tourists on the beaches and drunken carnival revelers!!

Great stuff. I have added your blog to my blogroll

Off-beat said...

love your blog, used to maintain my own about goa, but not been up to it recently..

Eula said...

Superb collection of photos, poems and stories. loved the skyshots with accompanying verse... ur creativity is amazing..

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