Saturday, November 17, 2007

Amchem Bhangarachem Goem

Whoever visits Goa, our lovely land nestling on the western coast of India, is bound to be bewitched by it. One of the prime holiday destinations in the world, Goa is loved for its green fields, white churches, golden sands, red forts, multi-hued temples and equally colourful cuisine. And the warmth of the Goan people. The folks here are so warm that they are real cool!

Travel brochures flash photos of sunny beaches and carnivals et al, but how does life in Goa really go on? A few random photos every day should reveal the real beauty of Goa and its people. This blog is specially dedicated to all my Goan brothers and sisters all over the world who love and cherish their Goem wherever they may be.

Mog asundi
Jose Lourenco

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José Lourenço - Margao,Goa

This blog is about Goa as she really is, with her dimples and freckles et al. There's also a Goan Architecture blog and other useful links on this page.

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