Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School, Bull and Lights!

A gaggle of schoolgirls at 1.10 pm. A cacophony of parents and their wards breaks loose onto a street in Mapusa.

A fighting bull gets hosed down by its proud owner at Raia. Bullfights or 'dhirios' are banned in the State, but a few do take place clandestinely with the covert support of politicians who seek to equal the bull in machissimo!

Margao gears up for the Dindi festival. Lights are up at the Hari Mandir Street.

"Dindi is Margao’s biggest religious festival. It draws more people than any other event – cultural, religious or political. Few would know, or imagine, that Dindi is not a homegrown fest. The almost century-old event was started by immigrants settled in the town." - Valmiki Faleiro

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