Monday, November 19, 2007

Random shots

Shoppers and vendors ambling down Station Road in Margao, officially called Francisco Luis Gomes Road. The great FL Gomes would frown on the chaotic conditions on this busy lane, but would approve of the throbbing economic activity. Few know that he was a great economist and wrote about the communidades and much needed economic reforms. Modernity and tradition, the young and the old walk side by side here.

A tailor working on putting together the giant shamiana covering at the Bom Jesu Basilica at Old Goa. The feast of St.Francis Xavier is coming up on 3rd December. The Basilica looms in the background. Difficult for tourists to get those nice long shots of the entire Basilica these days.

Tourism kicks into top gear on the North Goa beach belt. But couples holidaying in Goa must use protection - for their heads. Helmetless travel can be highly injurious to health.

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