Monday, January 7, 2008

A for Animal, B for Bondla

A quick slide show of a visit to the wildlife sanctuary at Bondla. The elephant gets readied by his mahout. Padding is placed on its back to hold the seat-frame for the brave riders who await.

This sloth bear was the saddest creature at Bondla. It paced up and down the edge of its 'island' at least twenty times as we watched.

These leopards were a happier lot, gambolling around and chasing each other in mock fights. Their leader strikes a pose.

The Gaur or Govo reddo (Indian Bison) is the state animal of Goa! A healthy male can weigh in at almost a ton.

The king of snakes, a cobra admires its kingly reflection in the green and murky depths like a beautiful black Narcissus.

This well fed python like its compatriot in the pit below is too lazy to respond to a touch, even though the toucher may be dressed in a python-skin top!

Life rocks for this croc. Bondla also has porcupine, deer, a large collection of various snakes and an elephant skeleton display among other attractions. A small canteen takes care of hunger and thirst. Worth a visit. Well we don't have any other options in Goa, as far as a zoo goes!

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