Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lights, Shadows and Action!

Shadows play across the INOX courtyard. The 38th International Film Festival of India is being held in Panjim, with films screened at INOX, the Maquinez Palace, Kala Academy and a couple of city theatres.

Film buffs mingle as the heavenly light of the Celestial Director shines on them. Not really, I tweaked the brightness on this shot! Life is hard when you're shooting with just a cellphone camera.

Can't really make out who are the celebrated directors and who are the bums! Ze girls are very charming. One PYT sat next to me and after coyly glancing at me, asked "Sir, who are you?" I contemplated for a moment..should I tell her I am a director or actor...or a casting agent...She was from Andhra, studying MBA in Communications. We communicated briefly before moving of to the Maquinez theatre to watch Ernst Lubitsch's To Be Or Not To Be. Great film, on par with Chaplin's Great Dictator as a classic wartime comedy.

A corridor in the Old Goa Medical College building, now HQ for the IFFI organisation. Where the film fraternity now hobnobs, there once walked sick and worried people praying for merciful deliverance.

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